a podcast about printmaking


Episode 1

Hugh Merrill

Hugh Merrill’s art is a conversation with his art form, printmaking. His work is about process and change; a call and response activity where variation is the intention, not the by-product. He creates sequential narratives in his studio practice, resulting in work that is diverse, expansive, evolving and conversational with itself, the artist and the print medium. “Variation is a means to come closer to articulating the essence of truth,” he says, and you can witness this in Merrill’s print work.

Episode 2

(Coming Soon!) May Tveit

Sometimes it takes an artist to show us the hidden meaning in everyday things, and my guest today has spent her creative career exploring just that. May Tveit is an artist who blurs the boundaries between architecture, design and fine art. Her thought provoking installations reflects on what we consume, how we consume it, and the manufactured landscape.

The Print Cast was made possible by an Inspiration Grant from ArtsKC.