This is The Print Cast.

The best f*#king podcast about printmaking ever made.

Print Never Died.

The Print Cast is a show about a dying art form that’s anything but dead.

Host Nick Naughton talks with artists, designers, and printers about the work they do and how it intersects with the trade and the craft of printmaking.

Naughton is formerly a professor, a non-profit shop manager, and printshop owner. He currently prints letterpress full-time.

Drops Every Two Weeks.

The show drops a new episode every two weeks featuring artists and designers who bring their A-game to the prints they make.

Episode 1

Hugh Merrill

Hugh Merrill’s art is a conversation with his art form, printmaking. His work is about process and change; a call and response activity where variation is the intention, not the by-product. He creates sequential narratives in his studio practice, resulting in work that is diverse, expansive, evolving and conversational with itself, the artist and the print medium. “Variation is a means to come closer to articulating the essence of truth,” he says, and you can witness this in Merrill’s print work.

Bonus Episode 1:

Hugh Merrill Does Shakespeare

In this Print Cast extra, we want to share a priceless bit of audio that didn’t make it into the full length episode with our guest Hugh Merrill. Most people talk about what they ate for breakfast, but Hugh warms up the mic by reciting poetry, and his voice is like gold. We had some fun dressing up the audio and hope everyone enjoys it.

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Episode 2

May Tveit

Sometimes it takes an artist to show us the hidden meaning in everyday things, and my guest today has spent her creative career exploring just that. May Tveit is an artist who blurs the boundaries between architecture, design and fine art. Her thought provoking installations reflects on what we consume, how we consume it, and the manufactured landscape.

Episode 3

In episode 3 I interview painter Sandow Birk and ceramicist Elyse Pignolet; two artists who collaborate in marriage and in art. We talk about their numerous large scale printmaking projects over the years. Working with Master Printer workshops they execute intaglio, relief and lithographic editions delving into political topics ranging from war, democracy, to the constitution. By appropriating formats, compositions, and production methods from historical artists and printmakers, they manage to create art that is poignant and contemporary while also being timeless. It’s a great interview and gives a lot of perspective on the Master Printer and artist relationship from the artist’s point of view.

Episode 4

Public Print and Supply Co

  With Andrew Myers and Joey Gross

Starting a letterpress shop isn’t easy, and it takes time. In this episode I talk with Andrew Myers and Joey Gross of Public Print and Supply Co in Kansas City. They’re a new printshop in town, but not new to the print game. With three months under their belts, we discuss the difficulty of self branding and previous businesses and shops where they both have worked. I inquire about the types of business they want to cater to, but also what they see for the future. Public Print and Supply Co is located in the West Bottoms district in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Print Cast was made possible by an Inspiration Grant from ArtsKC.