The Print Cast is a podcast about the wide world of printmaking. Host Nick Naughton talks with artists, designers, and printers about the work they do and how it intersects with the trade and the craft of printmaking. The show is a lot of shop talk, some technical nerdy stuff, the business side of a creative career, and most of all it’s about an artist’s life.

Naughton is an artist and has been print-obsessed for almost 2 decades, and he brings a deep perspective to his role as host. He’s been a professor, non-profit shop manager, studio owner, and has practiced every technique from screen print and letterpress to relief, intaglio and even kitchen litho. The show drops a new episode every two weeks featuring artists and designers who bring their A-game to the prints they make.

The Print Cast is recorded and produced in Los Angeles, California.

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Hosted by Nicholas Naughton