A Note From the Host

Hey printmakers & print enthusiasts, my name is Nick Naughton and I’m hosting a new podcast coming soon called The Print Cast. It’s about printmaking, but more broadly it’s about the ways in which print media effects our culture, and how it survives as a multiple medium in the age of the internet. When I started out, it was often called the dying art form. The show will touch upon prints in the art world, commercial printing, design, illustration and the timeless utility of ink on paper. I’m interested in looking at the cultural significance that print has always had, the ways it’s changing, and where we see it going next. Basically it’s a nerd fest, but hopefully we’ll do some compelling interviews, tell a few stories and you’ll learn something new in the expanding world of print.

The host of The PrintCast is Nick Naughton, owner of La Cucaracha Press a custom printshop in Kansas City, Missouri.  The shop is a bustling little studio doing all kinds of t-shirts, silkscreen prints and letterpress work for clients all over the city.  When he’s not making prints for other people, Nick works on the occasional art commission or he’s off starting a podcast.  He lives, prints and works in Kansas City, but has dreams of moving to LA this year bringing his printshop and the podcast to the west coast, so let’s think big for 2017.