In this first episode of the Print Cast your host Nick Naughton briefly talks about his plans for the podcast.  He’ll discuss how he’ll connect with artists, designers and makers to discuss the roll that printmaking plays in their creative work.  The Print Cast is interview based and the aim is to connect the disparate parts of the printmaking field with the hopes of capturing the vitality of the contemporary art form.  Shows will be published bi-weekly with artists, designers, and graphic arts professionals sharing their work, their life stories, and talking about everything related to their art in the context of printmaking.

Naughton works professionally as a custom printmaker at his studio La Cucaracha Press in Kansas City, Missouri.  He’s undergoing a life-change as he makes the show, transitioning from the work of printing for others to a creative studio with more art and design based practices.  La Cucaracha Press is moving to Los Angeles, California in 2018, so the show will follow Naughton as he closes down shop, interviews a slew of midwest talent, and then moves to call the west coast home.  The show will then become a national platform where Naughton will work to showcase the talented creatives working in the field, no matter what the work is or where it is taking place.